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Fairy Gardening
   What is a fairy garden?

   Fairy gardens, also called Gnome Gardens, Zen Gardens, or Miniature Gardens, are simply a garden with miniature structures and living or non-living plants.  It is designed to add a whimsical touch to your home or garden and make you smile!

What are Fairies?

 Fairies are tiny creatures with wings that legend says magically appear when you make a place in your garden inviting to them.  There are both girl and boy fairies.  Legend says the more inviting you create your space the more likely you will have fairies ‘appear’.   They are thought to bring good luck and good tidings to whomever makes their garden home.  Gnomes often inhabit a fairy garden and get along with the fairies.  Gnomes are pranksters who enjoy fun and shenanigans.

 How do I get started making a Fairy Garden?

 Making a fairy garden is easy!  Simply follow these steps:

  • Select a place for your garden. Either make a garden outside in your flower beds, or use a container or terrarium.   You can use any vessel you like, and we often try to find the most unique containers!  Old wagons, wheel barrows, suitcases, bird baths, toy dump trucks, dog dishes, old outdoor grills, and cooking pots are all great containers!
  • Get your container ready:
    1. If using live plants, ANY type plant can be used. See our website for tips on types of plants.  Start by putting good potting soil into your container.  If your pot has a drain hole, great!  No need to do anything.  There are two school of thoughts on pots without drain holes.  Some like to put rocks or non-biodegradable packing peanuts about an inch or two at the bottom for drainage.  If your container is very deep, the packing peanuts on the bottom makes it lighter.  I honestly have found this is not necessary, and many seasoned gardeners do not use a layer for drainage at the bottom.  Place your plants on the outer edge of the container leaving the middle for your fairies.
    2. If using artificial plants put dry foam into the container to hold your plants and garden items. Insert your plants into the dry foam around the edge.
  • Now the fun part…. Pick your focal point: Usually the dwelling but if your container is too small for a building then a swing, table and chairs, tent or another main item will work great!  Place the dwelling into your garden wherever you think your fairies would like.
  • Pick items around the dwelling. Swings, mushrooms, animals, clothes lines, dog houses, chairs and tables, hammocks, tire swings, fire pits are just to name a few.  Fairies and gnomes like to have fun so ensure they have pleasant surroundings.

 Moss, to use or not to use?    

  • Outside gardens usually do well with either rock or mulch to cover the empty spaces. Indoor gardens or gardens on a porch or in a container look extra special with moss filling in those empty spaces.  Fairies love a lush green lawn.  
    1. Live Moss: If you have an extra green thumb you can try live moss.   Live moss is fun and looks lovely, but it must be misted on a regular basis
    2. Preserved moss: If your thumb resembles more of a brown color preserved moss is for you!  Preserved moss is NOT dried moss.  It is a moss that is live, cut, and then dyed its natural color so no color loss occurs as the plant dries.  Preserved moss will stay green for a long, long time.  Burge and company offers bags of preserved moss here
    3. Dried moss: Looks great for about a year, but then the moss fades leaving a brown hue.

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